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So you have arranged everything else, you now need some quiz questions for the charity fundraiser. By now you should have decided whether you will be writing your own, buying the quiz or even having one written for you.

Here are some factors you should consider before you decide on which path to take for the questions for your quiz.


Is It Going To Be A Themed Quiz?

If the answer is yes then you need to be careful here.

If you purchase a themed quiz pack you need to check with the suppliers if they have sold any such quizzes in your locality and if so when was the last one sold. The last thing you want is to organise a James Bond themed quiz only to find out one was held two weeks earlier in your location and they used the same quiz pack you are thinking of using.

Obviously if you live in a large city then this will not affect you the same as if you lived in a village or small town.

If you research your own trivia on the internet, then be careful how you select the sites you choose to get the questions from. Do not just crib from the first list of James Bond facts you come across following a search on Google. Take time to look through a number of factual sites about James Bond. This will give you more material to carefully craft your quiz into a well balanced quiz.


How Many Questions And Rounds Do You Need?

The normal quiz consists of 10 rounds, each round of 10 questions. It is up to you to decide on the categories for the rounds. With a charity event like this it is best if you have at least a couple of rounds associated with the charity, if possible. Even for larger charities like Cancer Research UK you can have a round based on them.

For Example: A round on Cancer Research UK

Question: What were the names of the two charities that merged together to form Cancer Research UK?

Answer: The Cancer Research Campaign and Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Question: In which year did this merger happen, 1996, 2002, 2006

Answer: 2002

Question: What is the name given to the annual event where women walk/run over a 5km distance?

Answer: Race for life

Question: What colour is associated with raising the awareness and fundraising for breast cancer?

Answer: Pink

These 4 questions were gleaned directly from the Cancer Research UK website.


Answer Sheets And Score Sheets

To run a successful quiz you need answer sheets and master score sheet. Refer to the On the night section for more information.




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