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The HARD PART By Any Shadow Of A Doubt

This is the hard part, writing charity quiz questions. With a quiz night for charity it can be difficult because you may not know what type of people will be attending and what their level of quiz skill is.

When writing other types of quizzes you roughly know who is likely to attend. At a pub quiz it will normally be the regulars and quiz teams who do the "local circuit". With work quizzes you will know who the people are and their level of general knowledge.

The uncertainty of who will be at a charity quiz night makes it difficult to judge the level of quiz questions required.

Balancing Hard Against Easy

Make the questions too hard and the teams have to start guessing answers, then the winning team are likely to think they were lucky and not knowledgeable. If the quiz is too easy then most teams will leave thinking they haven't had to use their brain.

So what you need is a well balanced quiz with mixed categories. Most quizzes tend to have 10 rounds, each round consisting of 10 questions. For a well balanced quiz you need a couple of rounds that are generally easy, but with the the odd hard question thrown in. Then a reasonably difficult round with the odd easy question.

The remaining rounds should be middle of the road, with each round containing 2 or 3 easy and 2 or 3 hard questions with the rest being of average difficulty. If the event is for a particular charity like a sports team, why not have a round about that particular sport and another one about the history of the team.

having a well balanced quiz you will get most teams scoring around 50%-70%, then the really good teams will score 70%+. The majority of non regular quiz players would be happy to get 50% of the questions right.

Write Your Own Questions?

You may decide to write your own quiz questions. This is great fun, however it does have some drawbacks. The main one is takes a lot of time in researching the topics and compiling the questions, then you have to compile and type them all up.

Another option is to have a quiz made specifically for your quiz, based on topics which you choose or buy a ready made quiz pack.


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