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Planning Is The Key

Organising a Charity Quiz Night is not that hard, providing you sit down and plan it properly. Preparation will be the key to the success of the actual night.


Step 1 - Type Of Quiz

You need to decide on what type of quiz you will be holding. Is there going to be a theme to it, e.g. Christmas, Halloween, James Bond etc. If your Quiz Night for charity is themed then you have to decide if you will be decorating the venue to compliment the theme.

Also decide on who your target audience is - e.g. if it is for a PTA, then the majority of people attending will be parents, if it is for a sports team, then most of the people who attend will be sporty.

The target audience will influence the specialised rounds; for instance players at a quiz for the Women's Institute will not want a specialist round on Football. They would prefer something like cooking.


Step 2 - Setting The Date & Fundraising Target

Decide on a date for your quiz and work out how much money you would like to make from the event for your chosen charity. When choosing the date, remember to check out if there are any other events going on then.

Take into account other things like if you are holding the quiz in December, people start to have Christmas work dinners etc. so you may not get as many people participating.

Another example is in the summer, people will be going on holiday.

Just check that there are no big sporting events on like, England playing a World Cup Qualifier - could seriously affect the turnout.


Step 3 - Setting The Entry Fee

So far you will have decided on a date, if the quiz will be themed and how much you want to make from the quiz.

Now you need to work out how many people need to attend and how much the entry fee will be per person. Before calculating this, I suggest you read the How much will it raise? section.

Here is an example.

Say you want to make £250 from your quiz night - excluding any other fundraising sidelines during the Quiz interval. Say you decide that teams must have at least 5 members and the price per person is £2.50, you will need at least 100 people (£250 / £2.50 = 100). If you do not incur any other expenses, then 100 is the minimum number of people required to reach your target.

If you do incur any additional costs, just take the total of the additional expenses and divide it by the entrance fee per person, that then give you the additional number of people you need to reach the target figure.

This is the equation:

Target Number of people = (Target Amount to be raised + Expenses) divide by Entrance fee per person


Step 4

Now you know the number of people you need to attend in order to raise the target amount, you have to make sure that your chosen venue can hold that many people.

Once you are OK with the chosen venue, you need to decide if your quiz master will need a PA system to ensure that all of the participating Quiz teams will be able to hear him on the night.

If you need a PA system see if the venue has one you can borrow, otherwise you will have to hire one (remember to add any such hire cost to the expenses in step 3 above).


Step 5 - Publicity

Think about how you will publicise your quiz night for charity. Nobody will turn up for it if they don't know about it. If your quiz is for a local sports team or PTA then a simple letter sent to all members and a few posters will probably be sufficient publicity.

If it is for a larger charity like Cancer Research, a local hospice or hospital then you will need to concentrate on producing more posters and trying to get a mention in the local media.

Also do not be afraid to ask local pubs and clubs who hold regular quiz nights if you can place a poster up in their pub or club. Such posters will appeal to regular quiz players.


Step 6 - The HARD PART, Writing The Questions

Now you need to think about the questions and the actual running of the quiz on the night. These are quite detailed so they have their own dedicated section.

Writing the quiz
Quiz questions
On the night


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