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Ah! The Good Old Pub Quiz

Throughout the pubs and bars of the world, many an evening you will find people gathering, huddled together in small groups, hanging on the words of one person.

Strange isn't it, no matter where you are in the world you can find a quiz going on be it in the small country pub in good old England, to the local Bar come undertaker in Ireland, to a jazz bar in New Orleans to a sports bar in Australia.


Great For Business But Time Consuming For You

There is no doubt about it, a pub quiz night is good for business. You have a captive audience for say 2-3 hours, they can't really go anywhere once they arrive.

If you are the owner of the pub or bar then you will want the quiz goers to spend as much money as they can in your pub / bar in those hours they are with you.

However you will want to spend as little of your time in organising it.

So how do you achieve this?


The Answer Is Simple

Why do ready made meals exist? To save people time, they don't have to prepare the meal just cook it.

The same can apply to your pub quiz. Forget the preparation, you just need to cook it, I mean, host it.

Listen to this:

The most time consuming part of a pub quiz is preparing the questions. The researching and checking the answers are correct can take a number of hours. Then you have to format the answer sheets, get the posters ready. You get the picture, taking up your valuable time.

Imagine, if all you had to do before the quiz night, was put some paper in a printer and click on the print icon on your computer. Or open an envelope and that was it. Then on the night, just hand everything out to people as they arrive.

Then as the night progresses listen to the sweet music of your tills as they work overtime.

Yes, it really is that simple, well almost, I forgot to mention about putting up the posters before hand.

All you need is a complete quiz pack in which you will find every thing. Quiz questions, answer sheets, score sheets the full monty.

You can either download the packs or have them posted out to you - the choice is yours.

You can find these under the Quiz Questions section in our Quiz Shop.



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