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A Quiz Is A Great Fund Raiser

By holding a Charity Quiz Night hundreds and even thousands of pounds can be raised for relatively little capital outlay. Whilst at the same time people have a fun evening taking part in the quiz knowing they are raising money for a good cause.

A quick search on Google for "Charity Quiz Night raised" shows why such events are so popular - for a couple of hours one evening, a thousand pounds can easily be raised, and in some instances over five thousand pounds, all with little, if any any payment being required upfront.


Advice & Tips On A Charity Quiz

In this section we will offer advice and tips on planning such an event, from choice of venue, quiz structure, pricing, prizes, publicity, compiling quiz questions and the running of the quiz.

We also publish articles on a regular basis concerning quiz nights and quiz questions, so don't forget to check the articles section out as well. Wherever possible we will provide a link to any article we believe is appropriate for the topic being discussed.


Lets Get Fundraising

So lets get you started in the fund raising quiz night you have planned, sit back and enjoy the guidance and advice we offer you, hopefully it will make your life a lot easier.

Just click on any of the links in the sub menu titled "Charity Quiz" on the left of this page.



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