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Quiz Night.com Free Quiz Questions And Trivia Downloads

Running your own quiz is great fun, but trying to come up with original questions time and time again can get a bit tricky. You will find a wide range of resources available to compile your own quiz or you can download trivia questions.

Free Up Your Time

Our quiz resources and quiz questions free up your time when compiling a quiz, which means you have time to promote your quiz night and try and raise as much money as possible.

The resources on this site have been collated from various sources which makes your life easier, as we have done the looking for you. All you have to do is use the lists of questions to put your own quiz together. Save yourself time and get your Free Quiz Questions online right here!

We have many quiz questions online all free to view. It is essential to get the balance right when writing a quiz and there is no doubt it can be tricky. Quiz questions which are too hard will inevitably result in dissatisfied contestants and teams.


The Secret To A Successful Quiz

The secret to compiling a successful quiz night is to make the winning teams feel as if they are intelligent and clever - the last thing you want to do is make them think they are lucky because they guessed most of the answers.

The opposite also applies, make your quiz too easy and nobody will feel challenged. This will lead to people writing down the answer and eventually you will end up with quiz team contestants chatting amongst themselves about other things other than the questions being asked.


Some helpful hints on using this site.

Decide on what type of quiz night you are holding and then click on the relevant menu to the left.

Then a sub menu will appear for that particular type of quiz.

Also don't forget to check out our articles section, here you will find a number of articles concerning quizzes or quizes whichever spelling you prefer.

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